ISS for the World

This post is based on a presentation Dr. Julie Robinson (ISS Chief Scientist) gave at the International Aeronautical Congress in Beijing, China this past September.

Dr. Julie Robinson’s Top Ten ISS Achievements in 2013:

10. Preventing the loss of bone mass in space through diet and exercise

9. Understanding mechanisms of osteoporosis and new ways to treat it

8. Hyperspectral imaging for water quality in coastal bays

7. Colloid self assembly using magnetic fields for development of nanomaterials

6. A new process of cool flame combustion

5. Pathway for bacterial pathogens to become virulent

4. Forty-three million students and counting

3. Dark matter is still out there

2. Robotic assist for brain surgery

1. New targeted method of chemotherapy drug delivery with breast cancer trials now in development

The great thing about this list is that there’s something for everyone. Personally, I like to talk about #9, 6, and 2. Depending on who I’m talking to, I’ll bring up one or the other. It can be a great conversation topic and you never know who it’ll make an impression on. Pick your favorite and be able to answer the question “why do we need space?” next time someone asks!

And, be sure to check out Dr. Robinson’s original post!

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