Month: January 2014

Why space?

If [people] are starving, why should a government spend money on space exploration? Recently, India was publicly asked this question with the launch of their Mars orbiter. Ernst Stuhlinger once infamously answered this query by a nun. His eloquent response boiled down to this: research is┬ánecessary to improve the lives of people in the future, and we cannot only look… Read more →

ISS for the World

This post is based on a presentation Dr. Julie Robinson (ISS Chief Scientist) gave at the International Aeronautical Congress in Beijing, China this past September. Dr. Julie Robinson’s Top Ten ISS Achievements in 2013: 10. Preventing the loss of bone mass in space through diet and exercise 9. Understanding mechanisms of osteoporosis and new ways to treat it 8. Hyperspectral… Read more →

Space for People

There has been much said about the need for more students to go into STEM fields and the difficulty of exciting the public about space. I’ve had opportunities to talk with kids about what got me excited about space and with space professionals and educators at conferences about how engineers can participate in inspiring the next generation. A common idea… Read more →